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Kasturi -a name which evokes a sense of mystique and the splendour associated with India. Kasturi is the strong scented secretion found in rare musk deer, used by kings and queens, also used for most expensive perfumes. Kasturi which brings a fragrance and a fresh lease of life and energy in young and old alike.

To capture the true essence of Indian sub-continental food, to experience the true flavour of Asian delicacies and to enjoy the best of Indian cuisine - from the Himalayas in the North to Kanyakumari in the South, Kasturi provides you with an enthralling and exciting range of dishes which will leave you gasping for much more.

Kasturi specialises in Pakhtoon cuisine, which is originated from North-West Frontier Province of undivided India. The essence of Pakhtoon cuisine is in the preparation of kababs and grill foods which utilises juices of meats and vegetables in the cooking process, that’s minimising the use of ghee and butter.

Kasturi does not change the true nature of Indian food for the sake of undefined modernisation, but aims to preserve the glorious heritage of Indian sub-continental cuisine by retaining the authentic nature. Kasturi believes the ancient Japanese quote that the colour and texture of the food should appeal to the food lover foremost and s/he should be able to eat from the eyes. Kasturi prides in presenting Indian Sub-continental cuisine in its raw, original form without compromising in variation. Kasturi intends to bring back the glorious age of the Maharajas when dining was the most memorable experience ever.


All prices are subject to price alteration without notice.

Cheques are accepted with valid banker’s card only.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Management reserves the right to refuse service without giving any reason.


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